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What is numerology?

Numerology is the belief in the divine or mystical relationship between numbers and events. Numbers can provide a deep insight into your life and give you a new perspective on your past, present and future self. During a reading, I will use numerology to help identify your current strengths, capabilities and challenges, as well as offering information about your 'life purpose'.

What is intuitive tarot?

Intuitive tarot involves using my intuition combined with oracle cards to get a deeper insight around what is happening in your life. During a reading, I will tune in and connect to your higher self & guides to receive information which may offer you clarity and guidance.

What is a spirit guide reading?

Your spirit guide may take the form of an angel, elemental or energetic being. Their role is to support you on your unique life journey and help to to evolve & honour your life purpose. Sometimes you may have connected with a spirit guide in a past life.

During a reading, I will use drawing as a medium to channel information from a spirit guide who is around you at this point in time. 

You will leave the session with a completed visual representation of this spirit guide so that you can feel encouraged to work with them everyday and feel more connected. ​


Reading prices:

numerology reading

intuitive tarot reading 

30 mins - $45

Also online 

spirit guide drawing + reading 

30 minutes - $80*

($10 postage  included

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